Cat Ornaments

Vary in size from 2"x2" to 4"x5"

1/8" or 1/4" Baltic birch plywood, with clear  stain    

Any cat below    $5 +$2 shipping

  Any cat below, name burned in   $10 +$2 shipping

          Custom cut: your photo, with name   $15 + $2 shipping


Cat Stretch





Cat Proud


Cat Walk


Cat Paw Lick

Cat Sit

Tailed Black       Manx Natural



Free-standing Ornaments

1/2" Baltic birch plywood; clear stain unless you specify black

$7 each, plus $2 shipping (unless otherwise stated)

Cat Walk


Cat Back Negative


Cat Back


Cat Whiskers in Circle

  8" diameter    $15 + $3 shipping

Outline in House

  4"x6"    $12 + $3 shipping

Cat Sit